Plague Doctor Mask

My plague doctor quilted mask was made from scraps of masks I have been making to help protect people from spreading Covid-19. I spend a lot of time with these little fabric projects and then send them out to people in hopes that in some small way I can make a positive change for our community. I was looking for something to do with the scraps that I could keep as sort of a reminder of the times. A memorial to those who are out there being essential workers so that the rest of us can stay home until our community is prepared to deal with so many sick at once.

I followed the pattern from suntree a-ok. This was my first quilt project. So much was learned. I do not recommend learning to quilt with a 3D object. I am looking forward to learning the proper quilting techniques, this was hacked together with my basic sewing skills. The seams are at times works of art and others look more Arya Stark’s level of sewing and it’s all ok. I’m doing this during a freaking pandemic.

I added 2 neopixel rings of 24 pixels each controlled by a gemma m0, hung a battery pack on the strap and added a power switch.