Machine Knitting Resources

Support, Classes, Connections

Machine Knitters Guild of San Diego : Great group who knit for philanthropy and do outreach events to share joy of Machine Knitting! Many seminars/workshops are offered to members.

In San Diego or by Zoom take classes on machine knitting from Karalyn Monday mornings/Tuesday evenings same class both hybrid with Zoom. The BEST way to get started and stay consistent with Machine Knitting

Diana Sullivan, Bill King
The Answer Lady (videos and website)

Parts (I ship small parts, and locally deliver larger items).
Also check out these great suppliers
The Knitting Closet
Distinctive Knits
Needle Tek

I have a playlist saved on youtube for Machine Knitting. Some of the most useful videos I have found in my first year and now going into my second of using brother machines. These are not videos I produced, just ones that have taught me specific skills.

Pinterest Collection – still sorting, but lots of inspiration here

Ravelry – There are groups here and lots of ways to curate your projects including keeping track of skeins and colorways of yarn in your stash. I am still learning how to use everything, but it has helped me keep tabs on my unfinished projects.