All the Surveys

Data is good. Data helps us make great decisions.  Please share what you need in a Maker Space membership by filling out surveys.  A couple minutes of your time really helps with the planning and reminds the founders that a Maker Space is desired and important. 

First Survey, Google Form.  Includes questions about where in San Diego you would travel to make. Required email response.  Formed first mailing list of interested Makers.

Join Make Lively. Show your interest and help us design a space that meets your needs.   This will become an official membership signup at Launch.

DIY and Maker Experience. What kinds of tools and making do you do? Published 11/29/2018 via Survey Monkey.  Also called New Maker Survey. Does not require email.

Create your own user feedback survey

Results for the above SurveyMonkey survey have to be viewed on their site. Here’s a link