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Knitting Machine 1

Woo Hoo! I am working on a Brother CompuKnit III programmable knitting machine. With many a grand idea about connecting to a raspberry pi etc, I have been trying to learn the basics, human style first.

I can hand knit. Usually. It’s been a while. I can crochet for about 15 minutes before carpal tunnel flares up.

Today I finally “mastered” the Tuck stitch instructions on the Brother. By repetition I have also learned to cast on and bind off pretty well now. I can now make hundreds of wash cloths…

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Sometimes you just have to build a robot is one of my favorite kit makers.  I am very behind on my kits from them, so I decided to jump into Robotics Kit 1 today.  It is a cute little wifi car with two wheels and a front balancing bearing.  With distractions and not fully charged batteries causing issues I was finally able to get ThimbleBot01 rolling around with it’s basic web interface on my phone in an afternoon.  I had to take some parts from previous kits as intended by the kit designer they all build on each other, and run to the store for a 9v. 

The kits have all been Arduino based so far, and I just noticed they have a Thimble Blockly coding section on their Learning pages which will really help our youngest and newest coders.

Next build day, I will be continuing to follow the tutorials for modifying the web interface. I love the way the bright orange boxes build on each other, explain the science behind what they are doing, and have great support direct from the designers, there is also a supportive community forum and great instructions (if you read them)…

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Craft+Sip Wood Embroidery Ornaments

That, was a really fun event.  I am including here the instructions in case you attended and lost yours.

I learned that makers will follow the directions literally so that I need a test case person to try to follow my directions.  For instance there were a lot of red and green snowflakes because I used those colors to code the directions.  Updated directions coming soon(tm) in the meantime…

I will be posting these kits for sale, contact me directly for now if you need them soon.

Place setting for the Craft+Sip, 2 hour session might be enough time to finish one, but guests got to take home the set.
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Wood and Embroidery

Coming soon December 2018, Wood Embroidery Ornaments!

Join us locally to make three of these ornaments! Get Tickets. The Event will be held at our first pop-up make and take benefiting the California Center for the Arts, Escondido.  Come eat, drink, make and be merry.  December 6th, 2018

This month I made custom designed ornaments using Adobe Illustrator, a Laser Cutter, Eagle Works, needles embroidery floss, and lots of Netflix…  Turns out these little guys take a long time to stitch up after a long time of designing the color patterns.  They really turned out nicely though.  These are the samples, now that the proof of concept is done I get to go churn out a whole lot of these, fine tune them a bit and make them into kits.  

Here is a great link to a tutorial on  How to Cross Stitch. She also has an amazing Etsy Store of projects!