2020 Review

TLDR: Last year was a horror show. I did a lot of making, I did not update this website, I put stuff on social, but it seems like this year should be back to the old school blog year. Most of the making for 2020 was in masks, lots of machine knitting, and fixing the laser.

Masks: Still making these, still doing my accounting, but this is the 2020 mask balancing act chart so far.

Knitting Machine: Also went to the MKGSD.com (Machine Knitters Guild of San Diego) meetings online and kept up with Karalyn’s machine knitting classes taught though our community college, now on zoom with facebook group. I learned a lot about the brother standard machine, as well as adding a Brother bulky machine (thanks Mom!) and a nice tilt stand (thanks Trish!). Link to me at Ravelry .

Laser: Thanks to Alan from the San Diego Fine Woodworking Association who leads our Laser SIG and has much electrical engineering knowledge, I finally have the laser working! It needed a new laser tube as well as some tuning of the lenses and still needs some buttoning up of the wiring harness.

In addition to mask making I used my newly honed sewing skills to attempt my first real quilt. The Steampunk Halloween Quilt! I am at the final stretch of this project and really look forward to finishing her!

I’m in California, and it’s January 2021, so we are not out of the worst of the pandemic yet. In spite of that, the outgoing political leader is ignoring the disease and concerned with his followers. We stayed home, we had no vacation, no surfing, no dinners out, no movies, no friends over, no parties. We voted in Biden/Harris, and have hope for the political leaders of the future. We had tiny social bubbles and kept in contact with zoom so we could see people’s mouths and noses. It looks like our household may be up for covid-19 vaccinations in April? But that is an estimate. So much changes so quickly that it is quite dizzying trying to keep up with the news.

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