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This week I am pitching the Maker Space idea to a group of friendly but serious people who might be able to help us make the connections we need! It is so very exciting, I can hardly breathe sometimes. This is it Friends of the future Maker Space, are you ready to jump in and get this space filled with tools, classes, and good times? After recovering from Thursday night’s excitement we will have a get together of the interested parties and see where everything is coming together, and where we need some extra help. I’m looking forward to sharing everything I’ve learned from this business intensive.

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Happy New Year 2019!

Something about a fresh start makes me want to document my year. I am working to start a Maker Space this year in my neighborhood! For the last three months I have been super focused on the business side of opening a brick and mortar shop. This year I am trying to strike a better balance between making the things on my wish list and getting the shop opened. Hopefully by documenting my efforts I can multiply the number of makers out there who are helping others to become makers, it’s all very meta. My intention is to post a weekly update, but to document my daily efforts. I know a word and picture blog is very old fashioned for a tech girl but I am really uncomfortable with video… Maybe I should make an effort anyway since it seems to be the thing to do.

Day 1: Day one of making in 2019. I tried to print a Thorminator with permission from Joel a super nice multiplier of makers and helpers. Then took a step back to try to calibrate the 3DPrinter again… Calicat is an awesome little print that shows me very quickly where things are wrong with my calibration. You can find her on Thingiverse <click here>. I can see in this print that the retraction is probably turned off… At least that’s the theory. The other big issue is that the bridging is really horrible. I need to look into my past notes to figure out how I fixed that in the past.

Day 2: Calibration (it will probably be the theme for the whole week). Patience and documentation will pay off, right?. I have a notebook full of each incremental change I made to try to get a good print. I should point out I am using Octofiber bronze and a 0.6 mm nozzle, it’s a new material for me and a new nozzle size. I could not get the bronze to work with a 0.4 at all. Maybe when I get the calibration worked out I can try again with the 0.4 mm nozzle. The manufacturer recommends 30-60 mm/s speed and 210 degree temp. I am up to nine Calibration Cats… This is my favorite trouble shooting guide

Day 3: Business meeting day, the only thing I made was the Cyclops in Subnautica… It’s totally awesome though and reminded me to add and underwater UAV to my goals for 2019. I also made progress on official business stuff, so that is a kind of Making, right?

Day 4: I think I should make a score card of making for the year. I’m also going to make a mini Thorminator keychain out of the stl file with permission. I think the kossel will print it better that way. For the larger size I am not getting the strength I want unless I print the handle in two parts and glue them together, which is not as cool as single print. 🙂

Days 5 – 11 : Well.. So daily blogging is going to be very hard for me! I made it 4 days… I still do not have a mini Thorminator and I am disappointed. I was able to finally print a super cute owl and it’s base which will hold a tiny light. Many failures were had, lots of learning happened. Sparks were released, breakers were tripped, nuts fell off the machine…