Thank you so much for your support. The Repair Shop is on vacation until the end of April 2023. You may still book for May/June drop off. If you require a different location or a house call please contact me. Replies to requests may be delayed but I will get back to you.

I am putting machines and parts up for sale as I get to them. If there is a particular machine you are looking to purchase please contact me to see if it is in the “Ready to Refurbish” inventory stack. I will take a deposit to hold a machine until I can get it refurbished. Refundable if the work is not possible.

On the workbench

If you are curious about your machine’s status ask me what code I used to ID your machine. These are roughly in order of when I plan to work on them. Link to appointments is above.

Now Servicing

HL x2 (?)
KR (?)

Now Refurbishing

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